How to Clear Land

How To Clear Land The Dean Way

clearing underbrushRemove underbrush.

cropped-4.30.10-1121.jpgPick out the best place to place your house.

Hopefully we can place the house where it is nestled amongst some beautiful hardwood trees. Not only do you get soil stability and shade, but a beautiful land site that feels like home.

Reclearing tree rootsmove unwanted trees and stumps.

Most clearing contractors do not take careful consideration of the trees that will remain. These can easily be damaged. But, with Daniel Dean’s years of experience in the tree service business, our climber will climb and top unwanted trees to eliminate damaging the most important trees — the trees that will surround your house that you want to keep.

man sawing fallen tree limbs offMerchandise useable timber to avoid waste or disposal.

clear landRemove remaining debris from the house pad area.

Deep rake the lot with the dozer to make sure all sticks, roots, and any other type of vegetation has been removed.

To discuss how to clear your land, contact Daniel Dean at 281 – 356-3326. It’s what we do!