Crushed Concrete Houston

Why Crushed Concrete? Houston Recycles

One of the most useful byproducts of a demolition is crushed concrete. Houston certainly has its share, what with the older homes and commercial properties being torn down in favor of newer, more modern buildings. But what does it actually do? Why bother recycling this particular material instead of any other? What good is crushed concrete to you and why care about it?
Companies like Dean Land Clearing, Logging, Dirt Work and Demolitions know exactly why this is an important material in modern building.

If You Want Crushed Concrete, Houston Has Great Companies

If you’re demolishing a home, you will eventually come to materials that simply won’t biodegrade any time soon. Mostly, this means concrete. Like the kind that makes up floors and the foundation of the house. Fortunately, more and more companies are finding things to do with this stuff that takes advantage of it already being mixed and in good condition.
Mostly, this material can be used in civic projects. The primary use is as the lowest layer of gravel in new or rebuilt roads, saving time and money as well as making use of pre-existing materials. That being said, there are plenty of other uses for crushed concrete. Houston has a number of waterways that are bolstered by it or have some spread over the banks to prevent erosion. In some cases, the concrete is crushed in such a way that it broken concrete removalcan be used as decorative landscaping material.
Companies like Dean Land Clearing, Logging, Dirt Work and Demolitions work closely with local concrete recyclers to make sure that what’s left of your foundation gets used in beneficial ways and doesn’t just sit in a landfill forever.

How It’s Made

Most demolition companies don’t crush their own concrete; it’s too expensive. But they do know who to work with to get it done.
First the larger chucks of concrete are sent to a facility having been cleared of all wood, glass, and plastic bits that might have gotten mixed in. It’s important that concrete at the facility is “clean” or it could mess up their operation. Metal can be left behind because the next step in the process is to use magnets to pull all of the metal out and ship it off to be recycled elsewhere.
The concrete is then run through a crusher several times until it’s one of several consistencies based on the demand they have to fill for its use. Larger pieces may be run through several times. It is then all sorted, often by hand, and put away for later use.
Being able to recycle this material benefits everybody, and it’s good to know that as long as demolitions companies are contributing to crushed concrete, Houston won’t have to worry about where to dump it.

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