What Does a Demolition Company Do?

Relatively few people will ever need a demolition company, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t work hard every single day on projects big and small. But because so few have actual experience with real demolitions, they might not even know that that is who they should be talking to or how they will get the job done. Fortunately, there are companies like Dean Land Clearing, Logging, Dirt Work and Demolitions who can analyze the situation and make a plan to take down any structure quickly, safely, and on budget.

demolition houston texasDemolition Company Tools

There are a number of different tools that go into demolitions. While the most well-known form of demo is the use of explosive charges to cause a building to fall in on itself, this is actually a reasonably rare occurrence and is only necessary in a very specific set of circumstances. For the most part, a demolitions company will use heavy tools to get the job done instead.

What this usually means are tools that are both physically heavy and often used in construction for other purposes. For example, some demo specialists will use back hoes that are normally designed to dig out large holes in the ground to crash through walls, windows, and doors or knock down structures that are difficult to move otherwise. Much of the demolitions process takes place inside the structure using sledge hammers, wrenches, saws, and brooms to remove as much as possible while it’s still easy to do. It’s not uncommon for a structure to be gutted before the outside walls are touched.

After the Demo

Once the actual taking down of the building is done, the people doing it can’t just leave a pile of rubble behind. That’s why they were likely being houston demolition company
careful to separate and dispose of materials along the way. Often times they will need concrete crushers, jack hammers, and other power tools in order to be able to reduce something to a size that can be worked with. The reason why things must be separated is because many of the materials in a house can be recycled if they are clean enough and some of them have different disposal requirements from others. A good company will know how to haul away the mess they created, leaving the site better than how they found it.

It’s important that when you need to get rid of a structure on a piece of land that you own, either because it’s unsafe or no longer necessary, that you work with people that know what they’re doing so that you don’t have to. That’s why Dean Land Clearing, Logging, Dirt Work and Demolitions is the demolitions company to go with.