Final Grading

A final grading of land is vital to the well-being of your landscape. Final grading requires sand or top soil imported and smoothed out to slope the ground in strategic areas.

final gradingAfter your home is constructed, clean sand is imported and spread around the house so it is nice and smooth and ready to plant grass or install sod.

Screened top soil is absolutely the best material to use, but it is very expensive. Ninety-five percent of the time customers just use clean bank sand for two main reasons:

  • It is clean and free of sticks and roots and clay.
  • It is the quickest and easiest material to spread out because it doesn’t clump up from the tacky clay material.

For the most part there are three different types of sand:

  • Top soil (the top 18 inches of soil, which has sticks and roots, but is rich in organics)
  • The sand that is below the top soil
  • And bank sand (sand where a creek or riverbed used to be)

When Daniel Dean builds a pad, they scrape all the top soil away from the house pad area, so after the constuction of the house is complete, this top soil can be used to spread over the clay material that the house pad was built with. This soil is rich in organics from existing sticks and roots.