Houston Demolition

A True Houston Demolition Company

What kind of things do you expect from a real Houston demolition company? For one, you expect them to be reliable, hardworking, and honest, like you would with anybody else you worked with. But more than anything, you expect them to have that Houston flair. Sure, they can get the job done, but can they get it done their own, unique way? What makes them more worth hiring than anyone else? We here at Dean Land Clearing, Logging, Dirt Work and Demolition think that jobs like this require our special touch to make sure everything goes exactly according to plan.

A Houston Demolition Starts With…

To start with, we have the best inspection process around. Our experts know exactly what to look for in order to figure out the best way to demolish anything from old structures to full houses that need to come down. We’ve been in this game for a while, so we can tell you right off the bat how much time and effort is going to be required to get the demo done.

Almost any Houston demolition is going to require certain permits, so we make sure that those are in order before we begin, then we finalize our plans for how we are going to get rid of what you need to. While it seems simple, demolition is surgical in that you need to know what you can and can’t get rid of and in what order so that the structure doesn’t end up crashing down on top of your head. As professionals, we know how to avoid problems like that.

Actually Taking it All Down

After all the setup, the fun part gets to start. We get our people in and start tearing down whatever it is that needs to be cleared. This process usually takes a couple of days with a full crew and a twenty foot Dumpster in the front yard, but it can be spectacular to watch something come down.

Once things are all done, we get rid of all signs that we were there other than the fact there there’s a big new clear space where there used to be something. We make sure to clean up all of the discarded trash and pieces of house that used to exist and get out as soon as possible, quicker than anyone else in the area.

Attention to detail is the key to a good demo. You want to make sure that everything is squared away first, that you have a plan, and that you can execute that plan quickly and with nothing left behind to indicate you were even there. That’s what you should expect from a true Houston demolition company.

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