Hydro Ax Mulching

Disadvantages of Forestry Mulching with the Hydro Ax

There is a certain segment of the population who think that forestry mulching using a hydro ax is highly beneficial to the land on which it happens. Despite the promise of a mulching system that would make a more labor intensive land clearing job seem easier, it’s just not worth the effort of breaking out this tool, especially for what will inevitably be temporary results.

Problems with This Land Clearer

The biggest problem with using the hydro ax in clearing land is that these tools are not very precise. They eat through trees very quickly, but they only work to the surface, and they leave root systems entirely untouched. This becomes a problem when these trees and bushes start to grow back within a few weeks. Root development is one of the leading causes of slab damage, and not something that you want for your build site.hydro ax mulching houston

More than that though, there are some pretty strict limits on what the machine can actually do. Anything that is larger than six to eight inches in diameter can’t really be dealt with by this piece of equipment if it rotates on a vertical axis. If it rotates on a horizontal axis, it can mulch through things as large as 30 inches in diameter, but that’s still not great compared to some of what is seen in the industry. Further, mulching is only effective with less than 25 tons or 100 trees’ worth of vegetation per acre. In heavily forested areas, that’s nowhere near enough.

What Else the Hydro Ax Does

Using this tool instead of other land clearing methods is a great way to ensure you’ll have future problems, but the current problems are also an issue.

Marketing materials for this tool will often talk about how it leaves behind rocks that can prevent erosion, especially with the significantly reduced amount of vegetation, but that isn’t quite the truth. Sure, the rocks stay on the land, but they’re also picked up and violently thrown around first.

During the forestry mulching process, it’s common for rocks to be pulled into the mechanics and then tossed back out again. This is so common that most models have a protective shield, though that only works so far – and workers, including the operator, can be hit by flying stones moving at remarkable speeds if they aren’t careful.

Rocks also cause another problem: if the ground is too full of them, they can damage the machine by grinding it down, and even cause fire hazards due to the friction and chance of an electrical system breaking.

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