Hydro Mulch

Why Hydro Mulch?

When it comes to dealing with a particular plot of land, you may find that it’s a good idea to hydro mulch. This is a very specific process that can help to reclaim and rejuvenate property that has been ruined due to erosion or bad land clearing. It can add grass or other plants and help foster new growth to make an area capable of grazing cattle, better looking for buyers, or just be in better shape to eventually build on.

What is Hydro Mulch?

When you have a piece of property that is too dry or lacks the top soil to really provide significant room for things to take root, this substance may be the answer. It’s a slurry of mulch and seed that can be sprayed on land and makes growth far easier to achieve. Since it has both moisture and a means to extend the effectiveness of it, this has a much better shot of actually taking root and becoming self-sustaining.

Part of what makes this possible is that a lot of formulas also include a variety of helpful items such as fertilizer, tackifying agents, and green dye to make it obvious where the substance has been sprayed. It can be scattered very quickly and is a lot cheaper than planting sod, but can help control erosion on sloping plots of land. It also has a high germination rate, so you’ll be needing a mower out there within about a month.

Where to Get It

It’s fairly easy to find sources of hydro mulch, but not always easy to actually distribute it. Unlike broadcasting, it requires special equipment that can handle the particles, and experienced people that know how to distribute it on a lawn or hillside.

Moreover, there are some types that can only be purchased by a company that will then be able to put it in regulation containers and use it for commercial purposes.

Professional dirt workers like the people at Dean Land Clearing, Logging, Dirt Work and Demolitions have years of experience in handling various types of this specialized mulch and know exactly how much to use, how to apply it to your land, what formula will be most effective, and the kind of care that will be needed after it has been placed. They can help you choose the treatment that will make your land ready for grazing, sale, or just to have a home put on it.

If you have land that appears to be dead, contact a professional immediately and see if hydro mulch might be the solution.

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