Land Clearing

Daniel Dean – The Land Clearing Machine

Tell me who has not ever dreamed of buying land and building a house on it.

If you have or own a nicer or bigger piece of property, have a barn, a pond, a nice open area for kids to throw a ball in, or just a place that you call home then call us at Dean Land Clearing and Dirt clearing houston texas

This is the core of Dean Land Clearing and Dirt Work. We turn what you can only imagine into the reality that you and your family can have for years to come.

With over 30 years of experience and helping thousands and thousands of people has caused Dean Land Clearing and Dirt Work to be the absolute best there is. We’ve seen all types of projects all over the greater Houston area and almost all of Texas.

Picking the right placement for your house, garage, barn, driveway, pond, and anything else are important components to having a beautiful property with everything you want properly designed and executed.

Daniel Dean has become a master of conceptualizing the design and he is very creative and gives everything a lot of thought. Daniel will come to your property to give you a quote along with a lot of very helpful informative information that is absolutely critical for you and your new home site. If for any reason you decide not to choose Dean Land Clearing and Dirt Work to perform your job, Daniel at least has the satisfaction of knowing that he was able to help give information that is useful and free.

Some people think that when they need to clear their land just take out the brush and take out all the trees. That is the worst mistake you could ever make.

When you have more than a couple acres of land it is a terrible mistake to place your house according to a site plan or a plot. Two reasons; you could move your house to the right or to the left or forward or back to keep really nice trees. Then, equally as important it is to consider the elevations of the ground and water flow. The last thing that you want to happen is for water to flow above your slab. If water flows above your slab, you have water inyour house and cause foundation issues in the future.
Daniel makes a full evaluation of your land and everything that you want to accomplish and gives you a comprehensive design that will benefit you and your family for years!