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Land Clearing

Not just in the business, we run the business. Daniel Dean is first name that comes to mind when you think land clearing service Houston. We’ve been helping people all over Texas for over 30 years. Whatever kind of project you need help on, we’re there. Residential land clearing, commercial land clearing, and even more than that! Daniel Dean services go above and beyond the expectations of all of our customers. We won’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied with your project.

Dirt/Site Work

Getting ready for a new construction project? We can help get your build site up and running quick. It’s not everyone that likes to say they work with dirt, but that’s exactly what we love at Daniel Dean. It’s an important part of land clearing service Houston. No matter what the purpose of the site, we’ve got the tools and expertise to help with soil work, ditches, ponds, culvert installation, and anything other projects you can dig up. We offer only the highest quality and most professional land clearing service Houston. They don’t call us Daniel Dean Land Clearing and Dirt Work for nothing. We’re the site work champions of Texas!


Logging isn’t the hardest process to take care of. It’s the cleanup that companies┬álike to avoid though. Not only will we accurately and precisely cut the trees down to your specifications, but we take care of the removal process as well. Why would you want a job half done? We take the time to carefully assess which trees need to be scrapped and which logs can be hauled off for other purposes. We make sure than any wood that can be recycled is. All debris and remaining brush will also be cleaned up and hauled away from your site, leaving only what you want. When you spend this much time in the land clearing business, you learn just how valuable the materials from any site can clearing service houston