remove underbrush land clearing

Lorrie of Magnolia, TX “Uncut”

Ok, so here’s the skinny. You know that we’re just a bunch a good ol’ boys who love land clearing, logging, dirt work, and demolition, right?

Well, we’re sitting here in the office minding our own business the other day (while we take care of paperwork and the like,) when all of the sudden, Bam! We get this email from another one of our customers…

Well, we didn’t want you to think that we would have anything to hide, so we decided to go ahead and share it with everybody. Now, I must warn you, this customer does not mind saying what she really feels, so feel free to make sure young eyes are able to read this post.

Here it is:

From: Lorrie B.
Date: June 4, 2014 at 7:50:58 PM CDT
To: Daniel Dean
Subject: Comments for your website


I could not see where I could post comments on your website, but I really wanted you to be able to use our feedback if you can post it yourself.

We highly recommend Daniel Dean and his crew!

Daniel took the time to ask lots of questions so he could understand exactly what we were looking for on the very overgrown two acres we had just purchased. He spelled out exactly what would he done and how in his written proposal. As soon as we reached an agreement, he got his crew to work.

Before we purchased the land, someone had used it as a dump. Daniel warned us that some of it might be spread around during the clearing process.

Two days later, the entire two acres were clear with 10 to 15 feet of borders of land left wild as we requested. Over 95% of the trash was neatly bagged and ready to be hauled off.

They always say that word of mouth is the best advertising. I guarantee, we will be telling everyone we know about the wonderful service provided by Daniel Dean and his crew.”


David and Lorrie B.


Don’t know about you, but we REALLY LIKE these emails!

Thank you Lorrie and Thank you Dave. We Love you.
– The DLC Crew