Why Use Mulch?

One of the most useful contributors to a healthy plot of land is mulch. Even if you’re not planning to ultimately use it for anything other than building, a well-kept piece of property can be easier to work with, build on, or sell. In fact, depending on the ultimate purpose of the land, you could end up saving yourself or a future buyer months or years of reclamation by making sure that you do what you need to do to keep things in good shape.

How Does Mulch Work?

It surprises some people that a load of what are essentially wood chips can be beneficial to soil, but it makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

The first benefit of having a good layer of mulch is that it holds in water and prevents erosion of the soil. This is especially helpful in warm months, when dry conditions can make the ground hard and dusty, which further makes it easier for wind to simply blow away the most useful parts of the dirt.

The other advantage is that over time, the wood chips begin to break down and compost. This means that very soon the underside of this protective layer has turned into high quality soil that is deposited directly onto the ground. Once there, it will continue to benefit and improve the soil, adding nutrients to the surrounding area and encouraging strong growth and deep roots.

How do I Add This to My Land?

There are a number of ways to add mulch to a piece of property. If you are having your land cleared by a professional service, it is possible to use the same trees and plant material that originally grew on the property. This is often referred to as grinding and hauling, but in this case, at least some of the plant matter that is ground up stays on the property to protect and enrich the soil. You are effectively mulching the whole area with material that you already had on site in another form.

This is a way not only for you to get a clear piece of land that can be used in any fashion you see fit, but it has now been professionally mulched and will be ready for any purpose.

There are plenty of professionals like Dean Land Clearing, Logging, Dirt Work and Demolitions who can make sure that your property is not only professionally cleared in no time, but that it also has a nice layer of high grade mulch to keep it healthy.

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