Riding Arenas

Like Riding Arenas Houston?

Riding arenas require a firm sub-base, a stable base layer and a flexible top coat. Daniel Dean builds riding arenas to professionally recognized standards.

riding arenaGood footing is key to successful training, performance and health of horses in a riding arena. The ideal arena provides a firm support with some cushion. You don’t want the ground to be too rough on the feet,  yet you do want enough grip to support.

The bottom layer—or sub-base—is created by first removing the top-soil from the existing ground, then compacting is applied until the ground reaches near maximum density. This can be done through single drum rollers or tandem vibrating rollers. Dean always know the right tool for the job.

Next, the base layer is constructed. This area has a solid texture such as compacted select fill and is also prepared by using compacting equipment. The grading, slight crown leveling, compacting of imported select fill, and a top coat of 2 to 3 inches of clean bank sand is spread evenly on top of the base. This give you the light enough finish for a quality riding area Houston.riding arena construction houston

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