Site Work

Site work and excavation services for commercial and residential properties include preparing the property for its intended purpose.

45000-lb bulldozerThis includes creating building pads, drives or roads, drainage and special use areas.

Site development is becoming more complicated as government regulations and design requirements dictate what can and cannot be done. Daniel Dean has the experience and knowledge to develop your property to industry codes, and offers complete site work, including demolition services for commercial buildings and residential structures.

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Commercial Site Work

Daniel Dean has the heavy equipment to turnkey the development  your commercial property. Typical commercial property development includes shopping centers, dealerships, apartments, sub divisions, malls, restaurants and preparing the land for re-sale opportunities.

soil sampleBuilding Pads

It’s important to know the type of soil you will be building on. Soils have a significant impact on the performance of a building’s foundation.

detention pondDetention Ponds

Daniel Dean digs new detention ponds and reconstructs / remindiates existing detention ponds.

storm drainsStorm Drains

Daniel Dean installs minor or major storm water drain systems that is right for your business needs.

laydown yardLaydown Yards

Whether a single acre or a multi-acre lot, your finished laydown yard will be ready for your pipes, storage containers, construction equipment…

Residential Site Work

site padSite Pads

A good site pad gives your slab a solid compacted area that will not shift, is level, and is higher than the surrounding area to prevent flooding.

creek crossing2Driveways and Roads

The most important thing to a good residential driveway or road is a well-built base, or foundation.

creek crossing4Culverts

There are different types of pipe that can be used as a culvert. Which is the right one for you?

ponds-slideshowPonds and Lakes

Daniel Dean has the equipment, knowledge, and manpower to dig your pond or lake or to reconstruct an existing pond that has been eroded, bringing it back to life.

poor drainage conditionsDrainage

It is ideal to plan drainage prior to construction, but Daniel Dean can also reconfigure drainage for existing properties—big or small.

final gradingFinal Grading

Daniel Dean has the experience and equipment to ensure your property meets final grading regulatory standards for residential property development.

riding arenaRiding Arenas

Good footing is key to successful training, performance and health of horses in a riding arena. The ideal arena provides a firm support with some cushion.