Texas Dirt

Everything You Wanted to Know About Texas Dirt

Texas dirt is not just one thing. Depending on where you are, you could have an entirely different firmament than someplace else in the state. Not only is it a big place, but it covers a lot of land and several different climates, after all.

Knowing these types of dirt and how to handle them is a pretty specialized task. That’s why the experts at Dean Land Clearing, Logging, Dirt Work and Demolitions are ready to help you with all of your dirt work needs. We know how to deal with different kinds of dirt and the best way to remove, level, or otherwise manipulate the land part of your land to best suit what you want to do with it.

Different Places, Different Texas Dirt

Depending on where you are in Texas, the soil is drastically different. If you’re up in the northwest part of the state, you are dealing with Trans-Pecos soils. These are usually characterized by a light reddish-brown color and are mostly clay, which can be harder to work with. This soil tends to be dried out and hard because of how hot it is and how mountainous. Mostly things that grow here are tough and scrubby, so it’s often used as rangeland and isn’t good for very much else since elaborate irrigation systems are needed to grow any crops.

Contrast that with the Central Rio Grande Plain soils found in the area between Live Oak and Hidalgo counties. This is deep, highly alkaline loams and is very sandy. It’s much easier to grow in this kind of soil and it can be moved around a lot, but you need to make sure that you keep water running through it or the salt will build up and make it useless. Central Rio Grande Plain soil is great for growing cotton and small grains or raising beef cattle on.

Houston Dirt

Most of our clients will only be dealing with one kind of Texas dirt: Coast Saline Prairies soils. This is the kind of stuff that you find around Houston and is very salty due to the nearness of the Gulf of Mexico. It tends to be very dark, rich soil that can be used to grow most anything. It’s also sturdy and can provide a good foundation for a home or office building. There are some concerns, such as providing fresh water to it, but that’s why you hire experts who know how to deal with this type of soil.

We here at Dean Land Clearing, Logging, Dirt Work and Demolitions are the experts you need. We can help you prepare your land for any purpose and know exactly what to do with any Texas dirt.